Bluebells-in-oak-wood tem nova página dedicada a espécies invasoras no Reino Unido

O é um site britânico de curadoria de imagens de natureza. Eles criaram uma página dedicada às espécies invasoras no Reino Unido, onde fornecem algum contexto para a situação das invasões biológica no território:

As well as having large-scale ecological impacts, invasive species can also have economic implications, and £1.7 billion is spent annually in the UK on their control. Direct economic loss may occur from invasive species causing damage to infrastructure or goods, as well as indirect losses resulting from decreased tourism and recreation in affected areas.

The negative effects of invasive species are most evident in island ecosystems, which are much less resilient than mainland areas when affected by invasive species.

Visitem a página deles e conheçam algumas das espécies consideradas como invasoras nas Ilhas Britânicas.

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