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CABI: Vídeo alerta para plantas invasoras em África

O CABI produziu um vídeo que alerta para os perigos das plantas invasoras em África, e como estas afectam a sobrevivência de algumas comunidades e o equlíbrio dos ecossistemas locais:

Although a large number of non-native species have become invasive in the region, this film focusses on four of the most problematic species, namely: Chromolaenaodorata (Devil weed), Partheniumhysterophorus (Famine weed), Prosopisjuliflora (Mathenge) and Opuntiastricta (Australian pest pear – a type of Prickly pear). The excellent footage shows the extent of weed infestations with accounts from community members on how they are destroying the natural resource base on which they depend. It is clear that invasive plants are destroying traditions, cultures and a way of life for millions of people on the continent.

CABI produces new video on invasive weeds in Africa

Vejam o vídeo.

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