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European legislation on invasive alien species

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union recently published Regulation to prevent, minimize and mitigate the adverse impacts caused by invasive alien species.

Video: Dick Shaw talks about Biological Control

Dick Shaw, invasive species regional coordinator at CABI, spoke to us about the difficulties in the implementation of biological control and its benefits.

Video: invasive plants in Portugal

Elizabete Marchante’s lecture at the Algarve Mediterranean Garden Society Spring Conference

Guest post: The physics, remote detection and control of invasive species

Sabrina Carvalho writes about the potential use of remote detection spectroscopy to monitor invasive plant species

A small fly with a great impact

A native fly to Australia is limiting the spread of black wattle in South Africa

Invited guest: The pinewood nematode, the masked invader

We regularly invite other specialists to talk about biological invasions. The first article is from Sofia Costa, researcher at the Functional Ecology Centre of the Coimbra University and director of Fitolab. She has been working with nematodes since 1997 and tells us about an invading nematode that has attacked the pine trees in Portugal.  The […]

Interview with David Richardson

David Richardson is one of the leading experts in biological invasions

Flowering calendar

At this time of year in our landscape, the yellow flowers of acacia and sorrel dominate. But among the invasive plants we find flowers of other colors as well: see the “flowering calendar” which we are preparing. Click here to see the calendar  


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