Alphabet soup

We call invasive species plants, animals and microorganisms that come from elsewhere in the World (they’re exotic) and that, without our help, they can spread and cause problems, for example, in the environment that surrounds us, on other species or our health

After arriving in a new place, the invading specie may even eliminate some of the animals and plants that have always been there (who we call native). They may do this by occupying their place, eating their food or, in some cases, bringing diseases that kill the natives. Many times, the problems that the invading species cause are grave and large amounts of money are necessary to solve these problems.

Many people don’t recognize the invading species, which makes the fight against them more difficult. When they perceive the species and the problems they are causing, they are already very spread out and eliminating them is very troublesome and costly; and sometimes even impossible.


Before anything else, we have to know their names!

In this alphabet soup, there are 12 invasive species in Portugal. They may be written in the vertical, horizontal and diagonal direction, backwards or forward. Can you find them?

SOPA DE LETRAS – Rearrange the alphabet soup as to form words in English

sopa-de-letras cut


Click on the image to download the alphabet soup

Circle on the list below the words you find. If you click on each name, you may find out more about the species.


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