Download our free app for recognising and mapping invasive species. For Android.


How does the app work?

A user can register the location of the invasive plants they find. You first need to create a user account at After registering, you can use the app and keep it open without having to login each time.

The app contains a list of 46 invasive plants, in order of scientific name. Start by selecting the species you see with the aid of the pictures and descriptions provided. In the app’s top right corner there is a search tool to help identify your plant. Just click, select flower colour, plant size and leaf type and the species list will be significantly reduced. If you’re still unsure about which species it is, detailed information can be found at

After selecting the right species, register your sighting of the plant. Follow the instructions and fill out the required data. We recommend using a GPS to record the precise location. Filling out the form is quick and not all the fields are compulsory. There is a “notes” field for other information that you consider useful. By using the app, you will learn how to recognize different species and it will become easier and faster to use each time. If you have a GPS, it will take less than a minute to insert the data.

After being validated, your submitted sightings are displayed on the map at You can continue to visit the site to edit your submissions or submit new ones.


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